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By: Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, MD

  • Anesthetist-in-Chief, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

This is what is poeticallyexpressedbysayingthatwomaniscomparabletoaviolin and man to treatment for dogs galis discount trimonase 500mg on-line the bow that makes her vibrate bacterial gastroenteritis discount trimonase 1000mg amex. Womanisimbuedwithcollective imagesofthegloriousauraofmasculinesexualexcitementthatmake feminine arousal a shameful abdication: her intimate experience confirms this asymmetry antibiotic resistance problem generic trimonase 500 mg online. It must not be forgotten that boy and girl adolescents experience their bodies differently: the former tranquilly takeshisbodyforgrantedandproudlytakeschargeofhisdesires;for the latter infection xrepresentx lyrics buy trimonase 500mg free shipping, in spite of her narcissism, it is a strange and disturbing burden. While the man has a "hard-on," the woman "gets wet"; there is in the very word infantile memories of the wet bed,oftheguiltyandinvoluntarydesiretourinate;manhasthesame disgustforhisnocturnalunconsciouswetdreams;projectingaliquid, urineorsperm,isnothumiliating:itisanactiveoperation;butthereis humiliation if the liquid escapes passively since the body then is no longeranorganism,muscles,sphincters,andnerves,commandedby thebrainandexpressingtheconscioussubject,butavase,areceptacle madeofinertmatter,andtheplaythingofmechanicalcaprices. Ifthe 456 fleshoozes-likeanoldwalloradeadbody-itdoesnotseemtobe emitting liquid but deliquescing: a decomposition process that horrifies. Feminineheatistheflaccidpalpitationofashellfish;where manhasimpetuousness,womanmerelyhasimpatience;herdesirecan become ardent without ceasing to be passive; the man dives on his preyliketheeagleandthehawk;she,likeacarnivorousplant,waits forandwatchestheswampwhereinsectsandchildrenbogdown;she is sucking, suction, sniffer, she is pitch and glue, immobile appeal, insinuating,andviscous:atleastthisisthewaysheindefinablyfeels. Thus, there is not only resistance against the male who attempts to subjugate her but also internal conflict. Superimposed on the taboos and inhibitions that arise from her education and society are disgust and refusals that stem from the erotic experience itself: they all reinforce each other to such an extent that often after the first coitus thewomanismoreinrevoltagainsthersexualdestinythanbefore. Lastly, there is another factor that often gives man a hostile look andchangesthesexualactintoagravedanger:thedangerofachild. An illegitimate child in most civilizations is such a social and economic handicap for the unmarried woman that one sees young girls committing suicide when they know they are pregnant and unwed mothers cutting the throats of their newborns; such a risk constitutes a quite powerful sexual brake, making many young girls observe the prenuptial chastity prescribed by customs. When the brake is insufficient, the young girl, while yielding to the lover, is horrifiedbytheterribledangerhepossessesinhisloins. Whether he is lover or husband, if she does not have absoluteconfidenceinherpartner,hereroticismwillbeparalyzedby caution. Thishygienic operation brutally contradicts the sensual magic of the caresses; she undergoes an absolute separation of the bodies that were merged in one single joy; thus the male sperm becomes a harmful germ, a soiling; she cleans herself as one cleans a dirty vase, while the man 457 reclines on his bed in his superb wholeness. Therepugnanceofthedouche,the beaker, and the bidet is one of the frequent causes of feminine frigidity. Whether she has her uterus sealed or introduces some spermkillingtampon,awomanwhoisconsciousoftheambiguitiesofthe body and sex will be bridled by cold premeditation; besides, many menconsidertheuseofcondomsrepugnant. Itissexualbehaviorasa wholethatjustifiesitsvariousmoments:conductthatwhenanalyzed wouldseemrepugnantseemsnaturalwhenbodiesaretransfiguredby the erotic virtues they possess; but inversely, when bodies and behaviors are decomposed into separate elements and deprived of meaning,theseelementsbecomedisgustingandobscene. Thesurgical and dirty perception that penetration had in the eyes of the child returnsifitisnotcarriedoutwiththearousal,desire,andpleasurea womaninlovewilljoyfullyexperienceasunionandfusionwiththe beloved:thisiswhathappenswiththeconcerteduseofprophylactics. In any case, these precautions are not at the disposal of all women; manyyounggirlsdonotknowofanydefenseagainstthethreatsof pregnancy, and they feel great anguish that their lot depends on the goodwillofthemantheygivethemselvesupto. It is understandable that an ordeal experienced through so much resistance, fraught with such weighty implications, often creates serioustraumas. For a few fleeting minutes her mind seemed confused and she exclaimed: "Alfred,Alfred. Shecriedoftenandcouldnot sleep; she had begun to have hallucinations and failed to recognizeherenvironment. I found this twenty-three-year-old girl sitting up in bed; she paid no attention to me when I entered. Her face depicted abject fear and horror; her limbs were crossed and they twitched vigorously. Hereyeslitup,herlipspursedinthe mannerofkissingsomeone,herlimbsceasedtwitchingandshe gave forth outcries which suggested delight and rapture and love. Here is an example where regret for lost virginity plays the main role in the problemsfollowingthefirstcoitus: A young twenty-three-year-old girl suffers from various phobias. Perhapsaman hadleftsomesperminthewateraftermasturbation;sheinsisted that the bathtub be cleaned three times in her presence and did notdaretomoveherbowelsinthenormalposition. Sometime afterwardsshedevelopedaphobiaoftearingherhymen,shedid notdaretodance,jump,crossafence,orevenwalkexceptwith verylittlesteps;ifshesawapost,shefearedbeingdeflowered by a clumsy movement and went around it, trembling all the way. Another of her phobias in a train or in the middle of a crowdwasthatamancouldintroducehismemberfrombehind, deflowerher,andprovokeapregnancy. Duringthelastphase oftheillness,shefearedfindingpinsinherbedoronhershirt that could enter her vagina. Each evening the sick girl stayed naked in the middle of her room while her unfortunate mother was forced to go through a difficult examination of the bedclothes.

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The authors concluded that no statistical association was established; however they note that the findings do not exclude the possibility of a weak excess risk infection trimonase 1000mg discount. Experimental endpoints for F0 animals included clinical observations antibiotic resistance questionnaire trimonase 300mg on-line, body weights antibiotics for acne wiki discount 500 mg trimonase mastercard, food and water consumption antibiotics used for diverticulitis trimonase 1000mg low cost, mating, parturition, lactation and offspring growth and viability. Experimental endpoints for selected F1 animals included survival, clinical observations and body weight during the F1 dosing phase. All F0 and F1 animals were subjected to gross necropsy examination at time of death or terminal sacrifice. For the Fo animals post-implantation loss (implantation scar count minus the number of live pups on Day 0) was significantly increased at the 30, 50, and 75 mg/kg-d dose levels and increased at the 10 and 20 mg/kg-d levels (mean loss values: 0. For F1, pup viability was significantly decreased at all dose levels except 50 mg/kg-d compared to the control (dead/live: 1/128 control; 12/100; 10/106; 10/92; 4/89; 23/80 all P < 0. Statistically significant differences in Fo organ weights consisted of decreased absolute and relative liver weights in the high dose males, decreased absolute brain weight in the mid dose females, and increased relative liver weight in 0. The investigators did not consider these organ weight effects to be toxicologically meaningful. Schroeder and Mitchener (1971) conducted a three-generation reproduction study in Long-Evans rats administered drinking water containing five mg Ni/L (0. Five pairs of rats were randomly selected at the time of weaning, placed in separate cages and given nickel in drinking water ad libitum. At weaning, pairs were randomly selected from the first, second and third litter (F1) and allowed to breed and to produce the F2 generation. Pairs were likewise selected at random from the F2 litters to breed the F3 generation. They observed that all nickel-exposed animals in the three generations gave birth to litters that exhibited significantly increased perinatal mortality (P < 0. The study suffers from small sample size, and the fact that matings were not randomized and that the males were not rotated. Male and female rats in the parent generation were exposed to 0, 250, 500, or 1000 ppm nickel, starting at 28 days of age. Rats in the first, second and third generations were also given the same diet as the parent generation. At each mating, 20 females from each dose level were transferred to individual breeding cages and mated with a male from the same dietary nickel level. The authors did not observe any adverse effect on fertility, pregnancy maintenance, or postnatal survival of offspring in the three generations. They did report a dose-dependent decrease in the number of siblings weaned per litter averaging 8. Weanling body weight was clearly affected at the top dose level averaging 73% of the controls. The study suffers from small sample size and the use of pups rather than litters as the unit of comparison. A significant decrease in the Po maternal body weight was observed at the highest dose level. A significant decrease in live pups/litter and average pup body weight versus controls was also seen at the 500 ppm level in the F1a generation. Similar effects were seen in the F1b litters of Po dams exposed to the 500 ppm dose level. Increased pup mortality and decreased live litter size were also observed in the 50 and 250 ppm dose groups in the F1b litters. These latter findings are questionable due to increased temperature and humidity experienced by the F1b litters, which could have influenced the observed effects (Edwards, 1986). The 500 ppm dose level caused a significant body weight depression of both mothers and pups, and increased neonatal mortality. A significant increase in short ribs was observed in the 50 ppm dose group, but since this was not seen in the higher doses, it is not considered to be biologically significant. Four groups of six female rats were exposed to 10-100 ppm N i2+ for up to 100 days prior to conception and through gestation and lactation. Two groups of male rats were exposed to 30 ppm Ni 2+ for 28 and 42 days prior to conception and one group of males and females were exposed to 30 ppm Ni2+ for 28 days prior to conception. When males were exposed to Ni 2+ both the number of pregnancies and the number of pups born were reduced. Females exposed to 100 ppm Ni 2+ 14 days prior to conception also gave reduced litters: 4.

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Apart from these countries antibacterial eye drops safe trimonase 500mg, it grows in Scotland bacteria helicobacter pylori sintomas discount 1000 mg trimonase with mastercard, England and Wales and also in Ireland antibiotic resistance efflux pump trimonase 300 mg low cost, and has been found wild in 60 British countries antibiotic wound ointment purchase trimonase 1000mg without a prescription. History the medicinal uses of Henbane date from Ancients times, being particularly commended by Dioscorides (first century A. Characteristics Both varieties are used in medicine, but the biennial form is the one considered official. These leaves are pale green in colour, with a broad conspicuous midrib, and are furnished on both sides (but particularly on the veins of the under surface) with soft, glandular hairs, which secrete a resinous substance that causes the fresh leaves to feel unpleasantly clammy and sticky. The flowers are shortly stalked, the lower ones growing in the fork of the branches, the upper ones stalkless, crowded together in one side, leafy spikes, which are rolled back at the top before flowering, the hairy, leafy, coarsely toothed bracts becoming smaller upwards. The flowers have a hairy, pitcher shaped calyx, which remains round the fruit and is strongly veined, with five stiff, broad, almost prickly lobes. The corollas are obliquely funnel-shaped, upwards of an inch across, of a dingy yellow or buff, marked with a close network of lurid purple veins. A variety sometimes occurs in which the corolla is not marked with these purple veins. The seed-capsule opens transversely by a convex lid and contains numerous small seeds. The covering trichomes are uni-seriate, multicellular with two- to four-celled, and the glandular trichomes have uni-seriate stalk with two to six cells and ovoid multicellular glandular head. The mesophyll is usually dorsiventral with single layer of palisade parenchymatous cells only below the upper epidermis and rarely isobilateral. A crystal layer is present below the palisade, with tetragonal prisms or clusters of few components. In the midrib region it has long narrow arc of radially arranged xylem above the phloem and an endodermis consisting of starch. The transverse section of stem shows a large central hollow and consists of numerous perimedullary phloem bundles in the pith region. Tetragonal calcium oxalate as prisms or clusters or in micro-sphenoidal sandy shape is also present in the pith. Chemical Constituents the chief constituent of Henbane leaves is the alkaloid Hyoscyamine, together with smaller quantities of Atropine and Hyoscine, also known as Scopolamine, the proportion of alkaloid in the dried drug varies from 0. Other constituents of Henbane are a glucosidal bitter principle called hyoscytricin, choline, mucilage, albumin, calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate. Epidermis has slightly sinuous anticlinal walls and has It is used as antispasmodic, hypnotic and mild diuretic. The drug combines the therapeutic actions of its two alkaloids, hyoscyamine and hyoscine. Because of the presence of the former, it tends to check secretion and to relax spasms of the involuntary muscles, while through the narcotic effects of its hyoscine it lessens pain and exercises a slight somnifacient action. It is used to relieve the griping caused by drastic purgatives, and is a common ingredient of aperient pills, especially those containing aloes and colocynth. Marketed Products It is one of the ingredients of the preparations known as Muscle and joint rub (Himalaya Drug Company), Brahmi vati, Sarpagandhaghan Vati (Dabur) and Zymnet drops (Aimil Pharmaceuticals). The mesophyll reveals the presence of single layer of palisade parenchyma cells only below the upper epidermis. The midrib has vascular bundle composed of xylem and phloem with a band of pericyclic fibres below and few sclerenchyma above. Leaf has an outstanding ridge, filled with collenchyma, presence of lignified idioblasts, and development of sclerenchyma above and below the side veins are its unique characters. Biological Source Coca consists of the dried leaves of various species of Erythmxylon, that is, Erythroxylon coca Lam (Huanco or Bolivian coca) or Erythroxylon coca var. Spruceanum (Peruvian, Truxillo or Java coca) also known as Erythroxylon truxillense Rusby. Geographical Source It is mainly found in Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, Ceylon, Java and India. Chemical Constituents Coca leaves contain the alkaloids Cocaine, Annamyl Cocaine, and Truxilline or Cocamine. Truxillo or Peruvian leaves contain more alkaloid than the Bolivian, though the latter are preferred for medicinal purposes. Java Coca contains tropacocaine and four yellow crystalline glucosides in addition to the other constituents.

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The cM0(i+) category denotes the uncertain prognostic significance of these findings antibiotic youtube order trimonase 300 mg free shipping. If there is clinical suspicion of Clinical suspicion of metastasis infection care plan buy 1000 mg trimonase mastercard, but biopsy does distant metastases and a biopsy or excision does not confirm metastatic not confirm distant cancer antibiotic justification form 500mg trimonase overnight delivery, M is classified as clinically metastatic disease M0 (cM0) or clinically M1 (cM1) based on the evaluation of other possible sites of distant metastatic disease antibiotics in poultry order trimonase 500mg mastercard. Note: pM0 is not a valid category If clinical evidence of distant metastasis remains in other areas that are not or cannot be microscopically confirmed, cM1 is assigned. No direct extension in M Direct extension from the primary category tumor or lymph nodes into a contiguous or adjacent organ is not included in the M category but is used in the T and N category assignments as noted earlier. Classification of T, N, and M after systemic or radiation treatment intended as definitive therapy, or after neoadjuvant therapy followed by surgery, is denoted by use of a lowercase yc or yp prefix, respectively: ycT, ycN, c/pM, and ypT, ypN, c/pM, respectively. Not all medication given to a patient meets the criteria for neoadjuvant therapy. In contrast, the M category for post neoadjuvant therapy classification remains the same as that assigned in the clinical stage before initiation of neoadjuvant therapy. The time frame should be such that the post neoadjuvant therapy surgery and staging occur within a period that accommodates disease-specific circumstances, as outlined in the specific chapters and in relevant guidelines. Observed changes between the clinical classification and the posttherapy classification may provide clinicians with information regarding the response to therapy. The clinical extent of response to therapy may guide the scope of planned surgery, and the clinical and pathological extent of response to therapy may provide prognostic information and guide the use of further adjuvant radiation and/or systemic therapy. Systemic therapy includes chemother- Details Posttherapy or post neoadjuvant therapy stage is based on a synthesis of clinical and pathological findings and is assigned only by the managing physician, such as a surgical, radiation, or medical oncologist. Pathologists may provide T, N, and M information based on the specimens received to assist the managing physician in assigning the final stage. Radiologists may provide T, N, and M information based on imaging studies to assist the managing physician in assigning the final stage. Component of posttherapy staging Assignment of stage by managing physician 24 Component of posttherapy staging Details Distant metastasis the presence of distant metastases is classified by the M status defined during the clinical classification, cM or pM, before initiation of neoadjuvant radiation and/or systemic therapy. Note: Once distant metastasis is identified, that M category designation always remains, even if there no longer is evidence of the metastasis after neoadjuvant therapy. Nonetheless, the individual T, N, and M categories should be documented as T0, N0, M0. The complete pathological response also may be documented by using the response designation. It is important to record the response to Response to neoadjuvant therapy neoadjuvant therapy. For example, some disease sites include "complete," "partial," and "no response," whereas others consist of a numerical scoring system or a "regression score. Histologic confirmation of residual cancer Mucin pools, requires identification of non-necrotic tumor necrosis, and other reactive changes not cells. Mucin pools, necrosis, and other degenerative included in the and reactive changes without viable-appearing assessment of tumor cells are insufficient for a diagnosis of residual cancer residual cancer. Recurrence/retreatment staging assessment criteria Component of recurrence/ retreatment staging Details the initially assigned clinical and Stage at initial pathological stages at diagnosis do not diagnosis is not affected by recurrence change if a cancer recurs or progresses. In staging for recurrence or retreatment, the Use of r prefix r prefix is applied. Important: Biopsy confirmation is not required but is encouraged if clinically feasible. Time frame: At death Criteria: Incidental finding of cancer at autopsy; cancer not suspected or evident before death. Time frame: From identification of recurrence or progression until treatment is initiated for rc, and from identification of recurrence or progression through surgical resection for rp Criteria: Disease recurrence after disease-free interval, or disease progression the recurrence or retreatment classification is assigned if a cancer recurs after an interval during which the patient has Information included Details Cancer must be diagnosed at autopsy. During the diagnostic workup, the managing physician may assign a preliminary clinical stage based on the information known at that time, and may continually update the stage as the workup progresses. This approach commonly is used for cancer conferences (tumor boards) and other medical conversations. Once the final clinical stage is determined, these preliminary stages no longer are used and are replaced by the clinical stage.

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