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By: Neal H Cohen, MD, MS, MPH

  • Professor, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, San Francisco, California


Making Inferences Do you think that humanistic psychology presents an optimistic view of the world? Drawing Conclusions Why do you think it is important to treatment quadriceps strain purchase zyprexa 2.5mg visa study the history of psychology? Imagine that you are a psychologist and a patient has arrived at your office to medicine 5 rights purchase zyprexa 20 mg without a prescription discuss a problem medications that cause dry mouth cheap 7.5mg zyprexa with visa. A Brief History of Psychology Create a chart that explains the differences in the study of psychology between Sigmund Freud and B symptoms heart attack women buy zyprexa 10mg low cost. Your chart should include motivations of behavior, reward structures, and procedures for diagnosis and treatment. In the ad, describe the services of the types of psychologists that work at your clinic. You should include at least six types of psychologists, such as clinical, environmental, and so on. When creating your ad, keep in mind the types of problems that people might want to bring to the clinic. Be sure to monitor and evaluate your project for time lines, accuracy, and goal attainment (see page 1). Choose one field of psychology and detail the education, experience, and qualities needed for a job in that field. Psychology Journal Review the journal entry that you wrote at the beginning of the chapter on your reasons for studying psychology. Based on what you have learned from studying the chapter and classroom discussions, assess the ideas you presented in the original entry. Ask yourself: · Are any of the ideas based on misconceptions, false premises, or faulty reasoning? Describe the three biggest benefits you feel you can derive from studying psychology. Building Skills Identifying Cause-and-Effect Relationships Review the cartoon and answer the questions that follow. How might this girl have "learned" to avoid the intended bad consequences of pulling the string? After thousands of interactions with young people often barely old enough to talk, Piaget began to suspect that behind their cute and seemingly illogical utterances were thought processes that had their own kind of order and their own special logic. Einstein called it a discovery "so simple that only a genius could have thought of it. By the end of a wide-ranging and remarkably prolific research career that spanned nearly 75 years-from his first scientific publication at age 10 to work still in progress when he died at 84- Piaget had developed several new fields of science: developmental psychology, cognitive theory and what came to be called genetic epistemology. It was a shift comparable to the displacement of stories of "noble savages" and "cannibals" by modern anthropology. He has been revered by generations of teachers inspired by the belief that children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge (as traditional pedagogical theory had it) but active builders of knowledge-little scientists who are constantly creating and testing their own theories of the world. As computers and the Internet give children more autonomy to explore ever larger digital worlds, the ideas he pioneered become ever more relevant. He was a child prodigy who soon became interested in the scientific study of nature. When, at age 10, his observations led to questions that could be answered only by access to the university library, Piaget wrote and published a short note on the sighting of an albino sparrow in the hope that this would influence the librarian to stop treating him like a child. Piaget was launched on a path that would lead to his doctorate in zoology and a lifelong conviction that the way to understand anything is to understand how it evolves. The core of Piaget is his belief that looking carefully at how knowledge develops in children will clarify the nature of knowledge in general. Whether this has in fact led to deeper understanding remains, like everything about Piaget, controversial. But for those who still see Piaget as the giant in the field of cognitive theory, the difference between what the baby brings and what the adult has is so immense that the new discoveries do not significantly reduce the gap but only increase the mystery.

Because most of them have hidden their activities for so long symptoms joint pain best 5 mg zyprexa, when identified and prosecuted medicine cabinet buy cheap zyprexa 20mg on-line, they try to treatment urticaria order zyprexa 10mg amex convince themselves that they will somehow continue to treatment walking pneumonia buy zyprexa 2.5 mg visa escape responsibility. This is why they often proclaim their innocence right up to the time of their trial. If, however, the investigator and prosecutor have properly developed the case, preferential child molesters almost always change their plea to guilty. The last thing they want is to have the public hear the details of their sexual activity with children. After pleading guilty, they attempt to convince the sentencing authority that their lives have been ruined and that they are "sick" and need treatment. Proactive Approach Many investigators have told the author that they investigate almost exclusively one-on-one intrafamilial child sexual abuse cases, not child sex rings. The author does not doubt that intrafamilial sexual abuse cases are the most common, but believes that there are more child sex ring cases than many investigators realize. If a police department takes a reactive approach and waits for ring cases to be reported, they will probably wait a long time. As previously stated, most of these victims will deny their victimization when questioned, much less voluntarily come forward and report it. Because this book is available to the general public, specific details of proactive investigative techniques will not be set forth. In general, however, proactive investigation involves the use of surveillance, mail covers, undercover correspondence, "sting" operations, and reverse "sting" operations. For example, when an offender who has been communicating with other offenders is arrested, investigators can assmne his identity and continue the correspondence. Because the production and distribution of child pornography frequently involves violations of federal law, the U. The author strongly recommends that any law enforcement agency about to begin the use of these proactive techniques contact nearby federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to determine what is already being done. Many areas of the country have organized task forces on child pornography and sexual exploitation of children. Unless law enforcement agencies learn to work together in these proactive teclmiques, they will end up "investigating" each other. Preferential child molesters are also actively trying to identify and learn about these proactive techniques. The proactive approach also includes the analysis of records and documents obtained or seized from offenders during an investigation. In addition to possibly being used to convict these offenders, such material can contain valuable intelligence information about other offenders and victims. This material must be carefully evaluated in order not to overestimate or underestimate its significance. Investigating Multidimensional Child Sex Rings Multidimensional child sex rings can be among the most difficult, frustrating, and complex cases that any law enforcement officer will ever investigate. The investigation of allegations of recent activity from multiple young children under the age of 7 presents one set of problems and must begin quickly, with interviews of all potential victims being completed as soon as possible. The investigation of allegations of activity ten or more years earlier from adult survivors presents other problems and should proceed, unless victims are at immediate risk, more deliberately with gradually increasing resources as corroborated facts warrant. In spite of any skepticism, allegations of ritual abuse should be aggressively and thoroughly 39 investigated. This investigation should attempt to corroborate the allegations of ritual abuse, but should simultaneously also attempt to identify alternative explanations. Any law enforcement agency must be prepared to defend and justify its actions when scrutinized by the public, the media, elected officials, or the courts. This does not mean, however, that a law enforcement agency has an obligation to prove that the alleged crimes did not occur. This is almost always impossible to do and investigators should be alert for and avoid this trap. One major problem in the investigation of multidimensional child sex rings is the dilemma of recognizing soon enough that you have one. Investigators must be alert for cases with the potential for the four basic dynamics: 1) multiple young victims, 2) multiple offenders,3) fear as the controlling tactic, and 4) bizarre or ritualistic activity. The following techniques apply primarily to the investigation of such multidimensional child sex rings.

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Because what we know is infinitely less than what we do not treatment quality assurance unit discount zyprexa 7.5mg with mastercard, serendipity is a highly underrated yet important force in expanding that knowledge medications 2355 generic 20mg zyprexa otc. Browsing the stacks of a library or table of contents of a book or journal can lead us to medications that cause hyponatremia purchase zyprexa 2.5mg overnight delivery sources and lines of thinking that we would not otherwise have imagined medicine lake mt purchase zyprexa 20mg with amex. Yet by relying on technology that works primarily through reliance on searches using specific search terms, we limit ourselves to the knowledge from which such keywords are derived. Thus, we may be inculcating our law students-our lawyers-not with a sense of inquiry, but with a mentality that seeks to support conclusions that have been formed before the support for them was even produced. Or, to put it more bluntly, I should not be cited as an authority for anything related to the history of the Chinese Civil War just because I showed up in a database search. There are plenty of books on the subject by historians who have devoted their lives to the subject, at least one of whom should probably have been read by anyone writing about the issue of Taiwanese independence. It is much easier now than it was twenty years ago to produce a citation on short notice. But the mere state of being online may have the effect of rendering all online sources equal in stature, particularly when any citation will satisfy a busy editor. The Internet is a wonderful thing, as are the online legal databases, but the Internet also makes the border between what is available online and what is not much less enticing to cross. Unfortunately, this border is not one of quality, but of convenience, and may result in the marginalization of authoritative publications that are not available online. Or put another way, the easy availability of online 2005] Unusual Citings 387 sources makes it easier for authors and editors alike to use what is easy to find, rather than what is authoritative. Most people in the legal profession are able to access online legal databases, the content of which is created primarily by legal professionals. And yet, as I have tried to show, legal databases are often used as a source of information by writers on non-legal subjects-in my case history, but perhaps science, psychology, and other fields-where, absent unique qualifications, the writings of a lawyer should probably not constitute even a secondary source of information. It is probably unreasonable to expect law students (and maybe other part-time editors) to judge the suitability of the sources used in each article they edit. However, a few simple rules might improve the reliability and credibility of their publications. First, absent special circumstances, law review articles should not be permissible sources except with respect to assertions, facts, and conclusions about law or related fields. Authors should be required to do their homework and provide proper support for their writings from authorities in the appropriate fields, be it Chinese history, physics, or sanitary engineering. There will be a certain amount of gray area in making this determination, but certain types of citation. Second, a certain degree of respect should be afforded the intelligence of the target audience of law review articles. Most readers of law review articles will be intelligent people with law degrees and professional qualifications, i. Thus, the basic writing principle of "assume your reader knows nothing" should be discarded, not only because it may be vaguely insulting to readers to have their intelligence underestimated, but because it would also save pages and unnecessary effort on the part of authors and editors alike if legal scholars did not have to state the obvious. Time is finite for all of us, and the less time authors and editors have to spend finding cites for facts known by intelligent readers, the more time they can spend on the more controversial portions of an article. Third, any cite to a source that was found online should be given particular attention by editorial staff. This assumption may not always be true, of course, but editors should at least keep it in mind. Fourth, the principles that apply to scholarship in other fields should be kept in mind in all law review publications. More than other disciplines perhaps, those writing about law are by training more inclined to focus on advocacy-upon coming up with a plausible argument. In addition, law is unique in academia in having a substantial number of scholarly publications that are edited by students. This means that these publications are not peerreviewed journals that are typical in other fields. While this probably contributes to the dissemination of a greater diversity of views in legal scholarship than is perhaps possible in other disciplines, it poses a different problem-the necessarily limited familiarity of law students with much of the subject matter they must edit. To the extent that faculty members or practicing lawyers who know something about the subject in question are available to review a particular piece, they should be asked to do so. Since the audience for law reviews will not expand with the supply, those publications that develop a reputation for quality control and relevance to practicing lawyers and legal scholars alike are more likely to succeed in influencing these audiences.

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If the fire is moving or spreading rapidly 97110 treatment code buy discount zyprexa 2.5mg on line, the person finding the fire shall be responsible for assigning an individual to medications ocd generic zyprexa 20mg mastercard notify the staff of the fire and to medicinenetcom symptoms generic zyprexa 10 mg otc call the Fire Department 8 medications related to the integumentary system cheap zyprexa 20mg visa. All individuals shall evacuate the building through the main entrance into the parking lot in accordance with the evacuation policy. Non-ambulatory or elderly patients should be assisted in the stairwell by employees. Upon evacuation, the front desk staff shall position themselves outside of all entrances into the building to prevent anyone from entering. The Office Lead shall take a formal count of all personnel to determine if all employees have evacuated. Prevention Reminders: Electrical cords and plugs should be routinely checked for fraying. The fire safety policy of this office is, in every event of fire or disaster, act in a manner to preserve lives, prevent panic and the spread of fire. All employees must be aware of and receive training regarding: Proper fire safety procedures Fire exits Fire extinguishers (and sprinkler system) Fire zones and applicable space requirements Staff member requirements and responsibilities Steps to take in the event of fire Containment of fire and smoke Staff is not expected to take any actions that may endanger his or her life, but to ensure the safety of patients and staff the office maintains these requirements: 1. Sufficient exposure to procedures for responding to fire, including office and building exits. The office conducts or arranges for appropriate in-service of office personnel on fire safety and prevention topics. Sample Office Procedures Page 13 of 98 January 2004 Note to User: the sample procedures description includes a blank for the number of the fire department or emergency call center. The steps listed below are followed as quickly as possible in the event there is any uncontrolled flame or smoke in or near the office/building or its perimeter: 1. Alert all people in the office of fire threat and evaluate fire and extent of flames and smoke. Notify fire department of location of fire, extent of fire/flames/smoke, type or cause of fire, if known. Determine safe area for meeting fire department; designate individual to meet, or directly meet with fire department personnel. After office is secured and fire department personnel authorize entry to the office, reset fire alarm and arrange for fire extinguisher refills, reinstallment. Sample Office Procedures Page 14 of 98 January 2004 Fire Extinguishers/Sprinkler System Policy Note to User: the sample policy below includes underlined items for you to select when tailoring your own policy to the practice. The office/building maintains fire extinguishers / a sprinkler system to use in case of fire. All extinguishers are inspected on a routine basis to assure good working condition. The office conducts or arranges for an annual training session regarding the location and use of fire extinguishers. In the event that the building loses power for more than five minutes, the Office Lead and/or Switchboard Operator shall check the circuit breaker. If the power is restored by tripping the breaker, the Office Lead shall record the time and date of the power outage, as well as any additional action that was needed in restoring power. Patient care should continue as scheduled unless otherwise informed by the Office Lead. If the power is not restored by tripping the breaker, the Office Lead and/or Switchboard Operator shall notify all employees to continue patient care as regularly as possible. Patients shall be instructed to safely leave the building via the stairway, if able. To inform employees of the proper safety procedures in the event of a bomb threat, do the following: Procedure 1. When a threatening phone call has been received, it should be documented in detail, including the time received and gender of the caller. The Office Lead shall inform the staff of the threat and ask each person to search their area for suspicious looking objects. Other areas such as restrooms, utility closets, and stairwells should be searched by an employee designated by the Office Lead.


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