Who Is Morgan Macgregor? Wiki, Age, Measurements, Boyfriend

Most of the ladies become famous because of the popularity of their husbands from the movie and TV series. Morgan Macgregor is a Canadian writer and an editor. She has been passionate about writing since childhood and works as a Novelist. Macgregor loves dark and mystery fiction in specific even though her interest in literature is vast. 

She is very talented and writes very amazingly to attract her readers. She introduces the secret elements in her story that are her favorites. Macgregor keeps herself private as she doesn’t post anything personal on social media. Morgan is a humble person and down-to-earth, despite being a celebrity wife Ashley Jade Stern

Height and Weight Of Morgan Macgregor

Morgan Macgregor was born in 1983, and as per the year, she is now 37. She is a tall and slim maintained figure with 55 kg and 5’5 ft. She has blue-colored eyes as well as long and smooth brown color hair. 

Net Worth Of Morgan Macgregor

Although she is famous because of her husband Michael C. Hall the TV star, she has made herself popular with her own career as well. She is a writer, novelist, and editor and she earns a good amount from this. The net worth of Morgan Macgregor is estimated at around $2 million US dollars as of now. 

Morgan Macgregor Personal Life

Morgan Macgregor is currently working as an Associate Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books; she is a writer by profession. She explores a variety of professional opportunities, but her deep interest was in the field of writing. Also, her interest is to open a bookstore in the future as well. 

She only committed with Michael C. Hall, and now they are happily married and spending quality time together. 

Exciting Facts About Morgan Macgregor

  • Her favorite book is ‘The Secret History’ that is about a murderer who murders his old friend in college
  • She prefers latte as her favorite drink when it comes to the best drink
  • As her life is secret, it is not known even if she is married before or not, but she is the third wife of Michael C. Hall. 
  • She is interested in serious movies mostly and Beetlejuice is one of her favorite movies. 
  • She is a book lover, so she spends her time with books. 
  • Morgan is not a girly girl or a wedding dreamer, but she got married at City Hall with zero fuss. 
  • Her husband plays the role of a murderer in the film, that’s why her favorite book is about a murderer. 

She lives in the states for a long time, originally she is from Canada and her name was suggested by her family. Her family has traveled from Scotland to Canada and the US. 


This is the complete data about the best writer Morgan Macgregor who has amazed many fans with her pleasing personality. For more exciting news about your favorite personality, you may stay connected with us.

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