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How to extend your offshore software development team?

An offshore development team comes with a plethora of benefits. These include a lower cost of doing business and the fact that the business could run round the clock. In addition to that, you are going to have a large pool of global talent. However, development team extension requires proper logistics. This article is going to guide you on how to extend your offshore software development team.

How to make development team extensions work?

There are various ways through which you can extend your offshore software development team. To start with, you should be informed of where to find and hire offshore developers. 

You can use the following ways: Google, B2B portals, hire freelance workers, hire offshore development partners.

When you are looking for a development team extension, define clear goals and expectations that will guide your project. 

Eastern Europe stands out when it comes to getting an offshore development team that you can work with. These countries have a high affinity to North American culture, and they are easy to work with. Moreover, bearing in mind the quality of technology that you will be getting, they have quite affordable prices. The countries in Eastern Europe that are ideal for outsourcing work include Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Beyond Eastern Europe, you can still outsource work to Latin America or China. Whichever choice you make, the most important thing is to carry out due diligence.

After identifying an offshore software development team that you can work with, you should be very realistic in your expectations. Many company owners think that outside vendors will take care of everything that the business cannot handle. The fact is that even when you are working with the offshore development team, you have to work hand in hand with them. This is more so at the beginning of the project when you have to introduce your organizational culture and the way of doing things. How To Build Trust With Your Offshore Development Team

When you are extending your development team, communication is a matter of paramount importance. Without proper communication, you will not be able to achieve your objectives, and you will not be able to solve issues that are critical. There are software tools that can help you in communication. The issue of communication is particularly important when you have language barriers with your team.

When you are building an offshore development team, think about its structure. An ideal team structure will consist of the project manager, the front-end team leader, the front-end developers, and the back-end team.

If you want to have an effective offshore development team, you have to ensure that your team is motivated. This can be done by ensuring that the compensation given is fair, and other incentives are given. Bear in mind that employees in the modern environment are looking for factors beyond financial compensation when making a choice of the company to work for. For example, many employees are now seeking flexibility and many others desire to have a positive working environment.

Lastly, when you are planning an offshore development team, think about the challenges that could occur, and visualize the things that you would do in order to overcome the challenges. Cultural differences with an offshore team are inevitable and you must learn cultural tolerance. Differences in time zones mean that you must compromise on the working hours. In addition to that, there may be language barriers among the team members.


Extending your development team is going to be a prudent investment for your company, and this is something that you should consider doing. As far as the development team extension process is well planned, it is going to be a smooth process and will carry optimal outcomes. Overall, extending your software development team will lead to optimal productivity and high performance.

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