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How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

The digital world has witnessed exponential growth in the past few years and so have digital platforms. It has impacted not just social media but our work culture as well. LinkedIn is one such online portal that has made professionals seek numerous options for the growth of their social networking and social selling.  

With a community of over 900 million users, LinkedIn members are always looking for ways to use its features to the best of their interest. The major task is to reach out to the audience. For that, one needs the skills, confidence, and time to find and contact like-minded people on the platform.  

There is still a vast range of LinkedIn automation tools and features left unexplored by many users. Setting up a profile on LinkedIn is quite easy. However, the question that puzzles many is how to use LinkedIn effectively and get the best results.  

Getting the Best from the World’s Biggest Networking Site  

Many users have made a LinkedIn profile but are still unaware of how to bring out the best from the biggest networking platform. LinkedIn brings a good deal of opportunities and career growth prospects for those who utilize its potential wisely. The kind of professional networking reach that one can get on LinkedIn is unparalleled.   

While earlier it was just a platform to share space with your colleagues and professional contacts, its horizons have now expanded to make it one of the most impactful social media sites. LinkedIn serves as a comprehensive platform for all your professional requirements, encompassing everything from generating leads on LinkedIn for B2B enterprises to seeking potential employers or companies, while also providing employers with insights into your career journey and beliefs.

Building a basic profile won’t be very productive. Instead, use the LinkedIn automation tools to strengthen the profile, enhance the approach and reach the correct audience. There are plenty of tools available on the platform that can assist in creating a robust profile.  

While all the tools are equally efficient in their work and can turn out to be quite useful, they somehow keep the user limited in comparison to a robust lead generation tool like Dripify. Using Dripify can be the most beneficial because of its various perks. It boosts the efforts of the sales teams by enhancing lead generation, communication, sales funnel management, employee panel, and more.   

Automation tools are the best feature to enhance the LinkedIn profile. However, there are some other ways also that can help make a profile stand out from the crowd. Understanding and using these features thoroughly will result in getting the best out of this networking platform.

Ways to Get the Best from LinkedIn  

A social network platform is curated to provide services and help people connect with the outer world. But remaining aloof about its features and methods can turn that presence static. To avoid that, users must try the following ways to make the best of their LinkedIn profile:  

Personalized Connection Request  

Even professional networking requires some sort of ease-up approach to make the other person accept a connection request. LinkedIn allows its users to send personalized messages with a connection request. This helps in removing the awkwardness of contacting someone.   

Instead of directly clicking on ‘connect’ on the “people you may know” section, open the individual’s profile and connect from there. A personal note can be added through the profile page only. If connecting with someone known, add the relevance to that note. If sending a request to some unknown person, add a note saying why you’re trying to connect with them.    

Updated Profile  

This is a very basic as well as essential step. A complete profile is one that reaches out to the maximum audience. A LinkedIn profile must be treated as an online resume. Update all the credentials, skills, and experiences on the profile page. A profile must reflect the personality and goals of the user appropriately so that the recruiter can grasp the essence of their professional nature.  

LinkedIn also offers the feature of adding multimedia for a fascinating presentation. It is important to actively engage with relatable posts on a regular basis and share some relevant content with a piece of your comprehension of the topic. Doing this makes the profile visible to multiple users.  

Use SEO Keywords  

It is crucial to use words carefully when describing occupational credentials on a LinkedIn account. This is because every word counts and has a value in making the profile visible to the other LinkedIn members. Therefore, use optimized keywords in the profile that are relevant to the field of work to make it easily visible.   

Sprinkle the keyword all through the profile summary and also add it to the headline. This will make it easier to reach, and people looking for specific expertise can contact the relevant user easily. Keywords can be very effective and enhance the display on the platform.  

Public Profile Badge  

LinkedIn offers the feature to create a customized profile badge using the ‘Public Profile Badge Builder’. This badge is basically a link that transports the viewer directly to that LinkedIn profile. It includes the profile picture, job title, and current employer of the user. This badge can be added to personal blogs, websites, online resumes, social media accounts, etc., for publicity.   

To create a Profile Badge, follow these simple steps:  

  • Find the “Public Profile Badge Builder” in the “Edit public profile and URL” section.  
  • Choose from the two available badge styles.   
  • Copy-paste the HTML codes for the LinkedIn profile link to the website, blog, resume, etc.   
  • Make sure to preview the changes before making them permanent.  

Optimized Anchor Text  

Using the default anchor text is not necessary when adding a website or blog link to a LinkedIn profile. Instead, use more attractive text to display the link. A common anchor text can get lost in the other details mentioned in the ‘Contact Info’ section. This will make people miss out on the user’s personal achievements.   

So, to make it more appealing, modify the anchor text. This immediately grabs the attention of the person viewing the profile as the link stands out from the rest of the text. Don’t stick to standard options. Explore the options and optimize your profile to make it more attractive for the viewer.    

Skill Endorsements  

This is another way to enhance a LinkedIn account. The Skills and Endorsement section in the profile allows the user to list 50 skills. Their connections can then endorse these skills and even recommend the ones not listed.   

Endorsements from other people help in attestation of where the user’s expertise lies. It grabs the attention of the recruiters and also builds a personal brand. But, of course, always check that the skills endorsed are related to the field in which you plan to work.  

Consistent Posting  

Consistency is a very important factor in maintaining an online presence. Regular posting about current topics related to one’s industry reflects their insights and views. This makes the profile fresh and attracts the audience to like, share, and comment on such posts.  

Moreover, posting regularly also increases engagement on the profile. As your connections share or engage in your post, their connections are also able to view the original post. These 2nd-degree connections become aware of your presence and can reach out to you if they relate to your post. Thus, posting content on a regular basis creates a web that brings attention to a profile.   

Maintain Professional Etiquette:

If one has to pick a way to improve their reputation and visibility on LinkedIn, it would be by maintaining professional etiquette. Usually, people start posting rumors and gossip just to gain the public’s attention. This can tarnish one’s reputation on LinkedIn, which will be difficult to gain back. So make sure to be truthful, and show the real you. 

Short-term goals for long-term achievements  

Don’t rush the goal of growing connections. Setting any goal is easy, but achieving it takes time. So don’t set a deadline that is impossible or extremely difficult to reach. Instead, break down the connection growth rate into smaller chunks with time-bound deadlines. This gives a chance actually to work for it more efficiently.  

Additionally, it is important to stay cautious while expanding the reach. Maintain etiquette while reaching out to people. Don’t misbehave or spam other unknown accounts. You must be patient and let the other person decide whether they want to accept the connection request or not. Dwelling over quantity won’t help; it is the quality that matters.    


LinkedIn is a strong networking platform that is also quite easy to use. Knowing the various LinkedIn tips and the right ways to make the most of them is the best approach to expanding a business. It can seem a little difficult to grow connections immediately. Start with your own contacts and reach out to already known people from your field. This will give a kick start and help in bringing gradual growth.  

Once the features and tools become clear, LinkedIn will turn out to be the best place for career prospects and growth. Get started with the methods mentioned above. Also, don’t forget to utilize the numerous LinkedIn automation tools . These will help ease your everyday tasks and also enhance your usage algorithm. Finally, keep your LinkedIn account updated and active to grab the maximum reach possible.

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