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The Future of Communication Tools in Business Operations

Do you know that almost half of employees, as reported by the workplace communication survey, mention that ineffective communication hampers their productivity? To ensure effective workplace communication, you should keep track of current business communication trends.

To help you grasp the future of business communication, let’s explore the top communication trends for 2023 (and beyond), as well as the tools that will lead these trends.

#1 Intranet Software

You should rely on intranet software, also known as a digital workplace solution, as your number one business communication tool. A study shows that 85% of companies have some form of intranet or employee hub. To effectively work, businesses require a centralized platform to access content, and data, and connect with people. The rise of social media, advances in mobile devices, and the prevalence of remote work have fueled this trend. A modern intranet ensures all your communications, documents, and contacts are easily accessible in one place.

Today’s intranet software is people-centric and equipped with familiar social features such as activity streams, notifications, likes, comments, blogs, wikis, and collaboration tools. It provides a convenient way for everyone to communicate and share ideas from any location while promoting company culture and fostering a sense of community.

#2 Telephone Recording Technology

Current trends in business are still related to mobile calls for communication. It’s banal and still relevant today. Against this background, the iPhone app to record calls began to gain popularity. A service like Call Recorder for iPhone allows you to start recording a conversation in a couple of clicks, regardless of who initiated it. The benefits of the phone call recording app iPhone can be many-sided: from access to conversation details to protection from legal consequences or a convincing argument in legal proceedings. You will be able to record phone calls within 15 seconds after installing the application since it does not require adaptation and is intuitive.

#3 Cloud-Based Software

You can use and access cloud-based software, which refers to any system or tool requiring only an internet connection. These differ from location-dependent intranet systems.

Cloud-based tools enable teams to work and collaborate from anywhere. Today, many leading business tools, such as communication platforms, project management software, file-sharing solutions, enterprise resource planning systems, and SaaS CRM, are cloud-based.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, cloud-based tools will continue to evolve and improve. Most of these tools prioritize communication and collaboration.

#4 Video Conferencing

Since the 1980s, you have witnessed the evolution of video conferencing. Thanks to new technologies, your team can now work together in a whole new way. With video-enabled phones, tablets, and apps, you have the power to screen-share, present, and communicate in real time.

In addition to these advancements, web-based video conferencing services have revolutionized how teams gather in virtual rooms. This shift has greatly enhanced collaboration efforts. Moreover, these solutions come bundled with online collaboration tools such as document sharing, text chat, and screen sharing. So, you and your team can share and work on documents simultaneously.

#5 Collaborative Digital Workspaces

Successful organizations understand the importance of team collaboration for productivity. As a result, they prioritize intuitive collaborative digital workspaces as a key trend in business communication.

Modern digital workspaces empower you to work seamlessly with your teammates as if you were in the same room. They provide a robust set of knowledge management tools, enabling you to co-edit documents, share ideas, delegate tasks, and find information, all within one accessible platform.

#6 Chat Services

You can collaborate directly and instantly with team members using chat services, avoiding complicated email threads. Not only do you get the information you need faster, but you can also utilize various media types such as video and video conferencing. Integrating chat into your digital workplace is possible with the right intranet platform. Axero’s Slack intranet integration serves as an example.

Many modern intranet solutions, including Axero, offer built-in chat features, reducing the need for multiple platforms. Intranet chat is real-time and non-intrusive.

#7 Seamless Technology Integration

These days, moving conversations and data across platforms has become incredibly important. It’s something we don’t even think about, but we expect all devices to sync our conversations, tasks, and notes.

This trend in business communication is also present in some bring-your-own-device programs. Employers encourage their staff to use personal devices for both work and personal matters, which reduces any conflict between the two.

#8 Effort to Beat Zoom Fatigue

To prevent exhaustion from frequent online video meetings, managers have devised strategies to enhance engagement and efficiency. They organize various activities, like online icebreakers and games, to involve employees more effectively. Additionally, unnecessary meetings are eliminated, and only essential team members are invited to optimize meeting flow and reduce on-screen time. To avoid overwhelming video meeting schedules, managers communicate positive feedback through text messages and reserve video meetings for delivering negative feedback to minimize misunderstandings.


Most communication trends are aimed at providing seamless communication between people, regardless of their location. Fast and effective communication is a top priority, but there is also demand call recording technologies and workflow management platforms.

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