How To Become A Successful Youtuber

YouTuber is a new-age dream profession. Just like it was to become a cop for us and to become an astronaut for our parents.

Becoming a YouTube celebrity is not easy, but you can actually do that even if you want to start your career now when it seems that every possible place under the sun is already taken.

To help you with that, we created this simple guide for you to follow the easy steps towards your career on YouTube. Who knows, maybe it will help you to become the most popular YouTuber one day! Let’s take a look at this guide! 

Prepare Your Channel For People To See

Let’s talk about the things you need to do before you start making YouTube videos. This stuff seems unnecessary, but if you have them from the start, your channel will look much more professional and interesting to follow.

Make An Intro And Cover

How to make a YouTube intro that will be the perfect fit for you? It’s not an easy question to answer. For a starter intro, you can just make a welcome video and talk about everything you will be uploading on your channel, your schedule, and a little bit about yourself.

If you already have a couple of videos, you can add a fun montage of the curious moments from them and do a voiceover explaining what’s going on on your channel.

For a good cover, you can use design maker software and create something that represents your style channel and is unique and memorable enough at the same time.

Set Up Your Profile

An empty profile without a bit of information about you will not get any followers for your channel. An interesting profile is one of the tiny bricks that look insignificant, but together they create the fundament of your future success!

You don’t need to write a whole essay about yourself: just write a couple of catchy phrases, talk about yourself and add your social media pages.

Determine The Style Of Your Thumbnails

It would be best to do research to see what style is on-trend right now and add some of your individuality to them. Look at your competitors, the channels that grow rapidly, and what thumbnails they use.

You can use a fast YouTube thumbnail tool to make this process quicker. Also, do not forget to experiment to find out your unique style of thumbnails, and if the current one seems to be too boring for you (even though it is a popular style), change it!

Choose Your Niche

Every successful YouTuber once had to find a perfect niche for themselves. The platform has every possible video you can imagine, and choosing the right one is very hard. But what we can say for sure is that channels that don’t follow a particular theme rarely go viral.

People want to get a particular content from you, and when you don’t know what to do, they leave. Just remember Ray William Johnson and “=3 show”: he canceled the most popular show, changed his content, and now no one is watching him.

So we suggest you find your niche and stick to it. The most popular niches right now are food content, movie reviews, beauty content, lifestyle videos created with a Vlogger Camera, travel content, etc.

Creating A High-quality Content 101

So, let’s get to creating the content itself. First of all, depending on your niche, you need to purchase the right equipment. You need a high-quality camera that can shoot FHD or 4K videos and has a macro regime if you need it.

Suppose you plan to shoot your videos in a studio (beauty content, reactions, commentary videos). In that case, you also will need lighting, a big microphone, a small microphone (if you need to move around), tripods, and reflectors.

As for editing software, you can get free stuff online, but we suggest you use something like a video editor by Fastreel to create highly engaging videos. It is an affordable option, but at the same time, Fastreel offers many user-friendly features, and you can work online in it!

Next, we suggest you add music to the videos you’re making because it looks unfortunate when you have a nice video without any background music. Thankfully, the internet is full of royalty-free music for videos of any kind, so do not hesitate to download it!

Lastly, create a thumbnail, and upload your video! Now you are a full-fledged YouTuber, but you still need to move forward and promote your stuff to potential followers.

Let’s Get To Promotional Stuff!

If you want to know how to become famous on YouTube, we have one word: promotion. Did you ever notice that most big YouTube celebrities are also very active on their Twitter and Instagram accounts?

Do they really just love social media so much that they can’t get enough, or the secret lies somewhere else?

Well, the thing is that people who want to be famous on YouTube use other social media platforms to attract a potential audience to watch their videos. They rarely make money from other websites, but it is convenient to attract people to your channel using your personal social media pages.

Also, we advise you not to forget about mainstream and hot social media like Tik Tik or Snapchat to have maximum exposure. Making a video is just one tiny part of this career, and if you really want to become a famous YouTuber, you signed yourself for a hell of a ride.


So, do you want to be a star, or would you like to be like Kit Frederiksen: he only knows (and is married to) a star!

Use our guidelines and create your own YouTube channel to become the next big thing on the platform. Be yourself, show your craft, and you will be famous! 

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