How To Install and Remove Your Jeep Hardtop

A hardtop is a competitive option for your Jeep. If you’re heading into winter weather, or just want a little more durable protection as you drive, then follow these steps to install and remove your hardtop. The specific steps can vary depending on your model of Jeep, so a Jeep TJ hardtop installation may be slightly different than a Jeep JL or JK. Review the owner’s manual and other information as you follow these basic instructions.

Prepare for the Project

Most Jeep hardtops come in several pieces, but some are one-piece designs. Either way, these components can be bulky and heavy to remove or install on your own. As you prepare for this project, consider having one person help you to stay safe.

You’ll need some space to lift off the top and set it to the side. Think about where you’re going to store the top once you remove it from your Jeep. Prepare a box, bag, or shelf to store the hardware if you’re removing and storing your Jeep hardtop.

Remove Your Jeep Hardtop

Start by finding all the securing points around your hardtop. Some models include electrical connection points that need to be disconnected before removing the top.

The top should be free to lift off and remove once you disconnect all the securing points. This step can be more difficult than it sounds, so be sure you have one or more assistants during this step. You’ll need to lift the hardtop all the way over the supports, taking care not to drag it, or you may damage your Jeep and your hardtop.

Install Your Jeep Hardtop

Installing a hardtop requires you to follow the same steps in reverse. A hardtop, like a Smittybilt winch or nerf bars, can be a great off-road upgrade for your Jeep. These general steps may not cover every brand-specific installation point, so be sure to check out more information as you prepare for this project.

Start by verifying you have a top that matches your year and model of Jeep. Next, remove any existing top and prepare your workspace. You may need a screwdriver to tighten the Torx screws to secure your top.

Carefully lift the top into place, taking care not to scratch it against the support bars. This process is best performed with two or more people. Once in place, find all the locations for the screws or other securing features.

Be sure to follow any factory-recommended steps to install your hardtop. Commonly missed steps include electrical connections and tightening rear fastener knobs If you have a three-piece hardtop, be sure to guide the pieces together using the locating pins or other features.

Shop for a New Top for Your Jeep

Check out the best hardtop options for your model and year of Jeep. Online shopping offers you convenient ways to match brands, prices, and ratings. See how a new top, King shocks, and other aftermarket components can totally change your ride.

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