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Can You Mix CBD Flower Strains for a Better Effect

With all the strains available in the market, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the one that suits you best. Sure, you can always try them all, and use whatever you like. But what if you can have it all by making a perfect blend? All you have to do is learn the effects of each strain and shop those that give you the desired result. 

Various strains provoke different senses like euphoria, calmness, creativity, memory boost, etc. Also, you have those with more therapeutic effects, such as relieving depression, anxiety, and tension. These usually have a sedative action of calming your nerves, while some make you focus on something more important.

Better Effects

Let’s face it: not all strains are created equal. And not every cannabis user has the same needs and preferences. Today, several hundred species have been obtained by crossing breeds. Some are more powerful, while others produce a prolonged effect. Some breeders have tried to get a superstrain by combining the highest quality cannabis plants. Still, so far, all the attempts have failed.

What is certain is that combining different strains boosts the high effect. Users can further enhance it by mixing specific breeds in certain proportions. But you can’t just blend anything that comes to your mind. You could try, but the result will probably be disappointing. It may help consider things like how quickly each cannabis breed sets in or how easily it’s handled. 

Mixed strains provide better effects than any single one. Sure, you might experience some combined or enhanced side effects, but if you mix the buds carefully, that won’t happen. If you want to get high, you must select the strain with higher potency and less adverse effects. 

Know Your Preferences

If you need a peaceful feeling, you should try buds that give you a calming effect. Select the one that gives you a better result according to your needs. Depending on that, you can try up a 50/50 proportion or go with a full-Indica or full-Sativa blend.

For instance, Indica strains may take to the person’s body quite quickly, while Sativa breeds needs more time to act. But Sativa’s effect lasts much longer. Knowing which strains are more suited to your own needs, you can develop a great combination to help you with the experience.

Prolonged Action

Besides a more potent effect, it seems that the action of strain blend is much faster than in a single cannabis breed. A perfect mix of these can get you an instant high. That comes in handy if you suffer insomnia, severe nausea, or motion sickness. Make a blend on your own and feel instant relief and comfort. It gets you an instant high feeling and relaxes your mind.

Check the source below for the explanation of cannabis action in the body:

Enjoyable Aromas

Not only does the right mixture have a better effect, but it also has a great smell. You can get a great deal more after smoking a blend than you would if smoked just one strain. The buds usually have recognizable aromas, but not everyone considers them enjoyable. 

So if you want to get a pleasing, strong aroma out of your stash, you should consider combining some more aromatic plants with less smelly breeds. Ask around about plants with sweet, savory, or even fruity aromas. These will attach a burst of taste to your blend.

Terpenes, substances that give cannabis a recognizable aroma, not only have an aromatic effect. Besides the great smell, this substance provides an ‘entourage’ impression when smoking cannabis. It’s an effect that leads to perfect synergy in your body, combining terpenes with other cannabinoids to increase their beneficial effects.

Get the Most of Your Blend

Mixing up different cannabis strains is one of the easiest ways to get better results with little effort. If you aren’t sure how to get a perfect mix or you do that for the first time, you can just consult a retailer about which strain to try. They will guide you and help you choose the best one

You can also get advice from other people who are using different strains and are happy with the results. Consulting someone who has experience with these types of cannabis can give you a good guideline on which mixes to try.

Of course, the actual method of blending strains will also have a great deal to do with the results you end up with. Suppose you have never mixed cannabis buds before. In that case, you should practice a little bit before experimenting with a significant amount of product. Mix a few buds and try what you got.

You must ensure that you have all of the appropriate equipment. If you plan on making more blends, you will need a hydrometer, a culture plate, and a good-quality pot. While you might be tempted to use a simple coffee mug, these are not meant for the task, as they are often too small. The great idea is to invest in a quality set of mini-pots.

The significant benefit of mixing cannabis is that the different chemicals will react differently depending on every user. The key to finding a perfect blend and maximizing its effect is finding a strain that works well with you. You’re free to experiment to see what your personal preference is. Go on until you find a perfect mixture of pleasure and taste.

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