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How To Use Pokecord And Spawn Pokemon With It?

Pokecord is one of the super detailed discord bots. In which you have to collect, trade, and battle Pokémon. It is a unique Pokémon game that is loved by millions of people across the globe. Poke cord is a discord bot, bot means a set of programmers by which you can chat with other fellows who are playing the games. Poke cord was launched for the first time, back in the year 2017. Since now it is one of the most played games in different corners of the world. As Pokémon is a favorite cartoon character of many kids, this game is also loved by teenagers from regions of the world, and that’s why it has a decent amount of fan following.

Here in this article, I am going to talk about How to use Pokecard and other important details. Let’s have a look at them.

How To Use Pokecord

Pokecord allows you to battle and catches with your pokemon’s friends and other gaming partners. You can utilize Pokecord by utilizing Pokecord commands since it permits you to catch, fight, and train pokemon to expand your assortment. At the point when an irregular pokemon shows up in your gaming at your server then you can fight, catch and train them to accomplish your levels in the game by imparting alongside your gaming accomplices. In this bot an arbitrary pokemon picture would show up in your game server without its name, at that point, it’s your job that you would need to give their name effectively as quickly as conceivable by utilizing Pokecord orders to claim them and who gave them named quick better believe it! Pokemon would be of that gamer. Means Whoever named it first and effectively gets the Pokemon. Likewise, there is no restriction to catch and fight with pokemon in it. Once you learn to play this game, this is one interesting game and the chat between the games makes it more fun.

To use Pokecord bot, you need to learn different commands, these commands are commonly known as “Pokecord Commands” the commands are almost the same for every server but they might differ in some cases. likewise, you can see Pokemon Number which has referenced through these sorts of poke card commands in it. You can also get your specific Pokemon number by just scanning for your specific Pokemon with the “p!pokemon, name <Pokemon Name>” order. It would show the number from the number list. In addition, if any command is closed in a bracket, it means you need to change it immediately. And avoid using angle brackets in your commands.

As by now, you have learned about Pokecord, Commands and its basic now let’s start the game.

Some Most Common Commands for Beginners


Here are some most common commands for beginners. These commands are commonly used to start the game. If you are going to start the game it is important to remember the following 3 commands. They are simple, yet very important.


This command is most important, as it allows you to enter the game, once you have used this command, now you are capable of catching the pokemon.


As now you have started the game, this command will help you in picking up the Pokémon. You can also select the Pokémon from any of the started Pokémon across all different generations. So this command is useful, remember it by heart to pick your starter Pokémon.


This command is used by any user to send a message to other gamers in a bot. You would have to enter this command in a Pokecord supported Discord channel to know more about it.

There is an unlimited number of different Pokecord commands, but the above 3 are most important as they are useful to enter into a game. 

Pokecord Server

As I have mentioned already Pokecord, is a discord bot that allows communicating between different servers, in addition to that, it brings pokemon to the discord of your server. In order to run and enjoy Pokecord, it is important to add Pokecord bot to your server or run it appropriately by knowing the all Pokecord commands on the server by default. You can make your discord bot server to include bots on it and to utilize most loved bots on it. On the other hand, likewise, you can run it on the Pokcord server which by default, runs on it.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article, will be helpful you in understanding the Pokecord concept and how to use it. If you still have any queries or suggestions to us feel free to drop them in our comment section below. 

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