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5 Unbelievable Benefits of Animated Videos For Businesses

Animated videos have been proven to be effective in boosting audience engagement and conversions. So, it will come as no surprise that businesses in Melbourne are turning towards animated content for their marketing campaigns. Animated videos are a great way to send a precise message with minimum effort if planned well.

Animation studios in Melbourne charge around $8000 to $10000, which is significantly less than what it would cost to make a high-quality animated video in-house. That is why it makes more sense for businesses to hire animation studios for their video production needs. 

Though the use of animation is widespread, many companies fail to understand its importance in marketing campaigns. To put more light on it, here are five incredible benefits of using animated videos for businesses.

1 – Animation Makes Impossible Possible

Animation has the power to bring ideas to life. It provides the freedom to use your creativity and lots of customization. Companies often want to experiment with different ideas that seem impossible to shoot with real-life video production when animation can portray the same ideas in visual representation. 

To explain further, suppose a lion is a mascot of a football club. If the club plans to make a video ad that showcases their mascot, it might be challenging to shoot the video with a real lion. On the other hand, animation can produce creative videos that showcase an animated lion with a realistic appearance.

2 – It Simplifies Complex Ideas

When it comes to animation, no concept is off-limits. Because of this absence of constraints, the animation effectively presents complex or abstract ideas that would otherwise be difficult to convey through live-action.

Explaining how the universe works or how a fetus is formed can be difficult with just copy and nearly impossible in a feature film. However, both of these things can be brilliantly picturized and conveyed through animated videos.

3 – It Engages The Audience

Consumers today consume video content on the internet daily. According to a recent study on video consumption, about 500 million individuals watch videos on Facebook every day. 

As a result, in the competitive world of digital marketing, engaging your customers is critical, and it may be considered the first step toward making a sale. So, it is crucial to create content that lets you engage with your customer successfully.

Animations effectively engage the audience as they include different visual elements like transitions, movements, and flow. It can instantly grab the attention of the audience and keep them engaged in your content.

4 – It Is Affordable Than Live-action Video Production

Apart from the storyline, dialogues, sound, and editing, live-action video production includes numerous components like camera, actors, lights, costumes, locations, special effects, etc. 

All these additional elements reflect the final cost of the video production, which isn’t the case with animated videos. The best animation studios in Melbourne can produce high-quality animated videos for your brand at minimum pricing and excellent production value as they may not need actors, locations, costumes, etc.

5 – Animations Boost Conversions

According to studies, incorporating videos on landing pages boosts conversions by 86 percent. When it comes to audience engagement, animated videos outperform other genres of video. This means they have a phenomenal conversion rate, which is highly crucial for marketing campaigns. 

Animated videos are highly effective marketing tools as well as they are visually appealing. Strategically using animation in your marketing strategies can multifold your ROI while reducing your efforts and expenditure.

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