How to Increase Your IG Follower Count and Engagement Rates

The Instagram platform boasts over a billion monthly users, a sophisticated algorithm, and a wide variety of creative and clever accounts, making it a highly competitive place for anyone looking to grow their account. 

A successful campaign will result from growing your audience and ensuring that your audience is engaged. The number of followers you have can have a significant impact on your success on social media.

Engagement on your social media accounts is a clear indication that your content is engaging. Nowadays, Instagram offers so many features, including automatic posting, fantastic filters, and other elements that it’s hard to keep up. 

If you’re looking for a way to increase your reach and follow up, Instagram is well worth checking out. 

The important thing to remember is that getting followers on Instagram will help you expand the reach of your audience, helping you become more popular. 

What Does Instagram Follower Count Mean? 

You appear to have many followers on your profile, but many people forget to consider how those two numbers can be interpreted. 

Many Instagram users judge other users based on the number of followers and whether they follow other accounts based on their preferences. However, your Instagram account might have a large following.

Followers are people who can see both your profile and your posts on Instagram. These followers can see both your profile and your posts at the same time. 

If you have set your Instagram privacy settings to private, your posts will only be visible to these people. Instagram stories and direct messages will also become available to them.

Tips for Increasing IG Follower Counts and Engagement Rates

Your posts’ engagement rate (ER) indicates that your audience is genuinely interacting with them and that your posts are of good quality. 

Your sponsors want to know that your sponsored content will resonate with your followers, engage massive volumes of their customers, and motivate them to take action. As a result, you are more likely to secure collaborations with brands the higher your engagement rate.

You might find it more challenging to increase your Instagram account now than you did before. If you follow these strategies, you might succeed.

1. Create An Optimized Profile.

It’s essential to customize your Instagram profile, so it looks good. What is the purpose of following you? It would help if you described what you do for the people who are considering following you.

To make it easier for people searching for your business to find you, make sure the first part of your business name is used as a username. 

It’s crucial to create a profile that attracts the attention of your targeted audience members before you take full advantage of Instagram’s potential.

2. Write Captivating Captions.

It would be unfair to consider your captions an afterthought, but they are integral to your post. Your daily posts will face a vast number of potential audiences and a massive amount of competition. 

By adding great hashtags captions to your content, you can humanize your brand, gain followers, and make it more shareable. 

Photos can’t share the personality of your brand the same way as Instagram captions can. By including captions in your content, you can engage your audience as well. 

3. Take advantage of Instagram Reels

If you want to enhance recognition for your brand or business, share your Instagram Reels!

Instagram has recently introduced its new video feature reels, consisting of short video clips set to music. 

It occupies the entire main navigation bar. Users will be encouraged to browse and share Instagram Reels more often since Instagram has prominently featured them. 

There are separate reel tabs on each Instagram profile. By sharing your reel on the Explore Page and your Facebook feed, you can expand your following beyond your followers.

4. The Content Must be Original

Your Instagram following will grow even faster if you maintain authenticity – and we predict even more significant growth in the future.

You need to create shareable, authentic content to reach more people. Shareable content on Instagram is easy to find and share. Direct messages and Instagram Stories make it possible to share feed posts.

Instagram’s algorithm favors posts with high engagement, so your post will appear higher in their feeds when someone shares your post. It is even possible for an exciting position to make it to the Explore Page if it receives enough engagement.

5. Go Live On Instagram

The best way to build engagement on Instagram is to use Instagram Live, which will help you gain followers on Instagram – and video is the future of Instagram.

With Instagram Live, you can watch and participate in live video streams – which means you can receive real-time feedback and comments from your followers. 

The Live feature of Instagram allows users to engage in real-time communication with their followers. It is possible to gain new followers by using hashtags to share your content with more people.

How Do Engagement Rates Get Calculated?

The Instagram team is tight-lipped about what constitutes a reasonable engagement rate. You get your ER based on two factors: how many engagements you receive on your posts and how many followers you have. 

It has been confirmed that the highest number of engagements on Instagram comes from comments, likes, re-shares, and views. These metrics determine the engagement rate, calculated by multiplying the followers’ count by the engagement rate.

Utilize any app online to establish yours instead of doing the math. There is a link where you can see your engagement rate. Additionally, there are plenty of trustworthy online calculators that perform calculations for you.

Getting the Most Out of Your Instagram Followers

By expanding your reach, you increased the chances of creating a special relationship with your consumers. Marketing professionals often choose the easy way to get more Instagram followers.

Creative content targeted audiences, and proper promotion is all essential to a successful Instagram campaign. 

It may seem impossible to get more Instagram followers, but you can do it by following the right strategies and techniques.

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