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Junk Removal 101: An Introductory Guide

If you live in a small place you’ll sooner realize how fast you’re running out of space. Naturally, you’re starting to declutter. The larger your place is, though, the higher the temptation to fill with it all sorts of things. One day, you suddenly realize it’s gotten way too much out of hand. With large quantities, you’ll find it more efficient to contact a junk removal service. You can get a free quote at any time and choose the best according to your budget.

One junk removal – three challenges

If it comes to removing junk, you can certainly do it yourself. For DIY methods you basically have three options on how to tackle it the best. Whichever you choose, each one of them doubtlessly is a challenge. To keep yourself motivated you should turn your process into a challenge with goals and rewards for yourself.

One step after another

This method would be best if you’re on your own, have only a little time to spare but aren’t in a hurry. You could also take advantage of this approach if you’re trying to tackle a hoarding situation. Those can’t be dealt with within a day unless you’re using a professional junk removal service.

Pick a room to start with and split it up into different sections. Most people find it useful to split up a room into four quadrants. You could use tape to make the sections more visible. Declutter one area for twenty minutes every day. 

One room per day

If you’re living in a larger home you can also start decluttering by rooms. In some rooms, you won’t be able to finish within one day. Take the method above as an inspiration to split up your workload for larger rooms with a lot of junk into manageable chunks. It’s best to start with those rooms without as much accumulated clutter. If you start with such smaller rooms, you’ll keep up your motivation for the next rooms. For example, you could start in the bathroom. 

Do it all just within one weekend

This will definitely feel more like a challenging marathon than an amazing challenge. Without friends or family to help you’ll be unlikely to finish decluttering within such a short time. But it’s doable and you won’t have any option to procrastinate. To make this method a little easier, schedule a junk collection ahead of time. You won’t only have to be done with it by the scheduled time. It provides you with a feasible goal to work towards. Moreover, you’ll most likely be battered and have way too much to bring to a disposal site.

Another rule of three

Once you’ve chosen your DIY method to get rid of the junk, it’s worthwhile to go about it in a more structured manner. It’ll save you lots of hassle later on.

Take three boxes or bin bags: one for items you’re going to get rid of, one for those to sell, and one for donation.

Most people combine the sale and donation boxes and use one for the items to keep. However, once you’ve decluttered an area, you’re going to put back what you keep anyway.

Start with the trash box or bag in each area or room you intend to tackle. Take care of the obvious trash in each section first, such as old magazines, empty chips bags, sweets wrappers, and so on. As soon the surfaces are cleared, you’ll experience the first sense of accomplishment and have a better overview of the remaining areas.

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Bring it to a disposal site

As long as you haven’t accumulated that much trash to take out, you might be able to bring it to a dumping site yourself. The more you have, the larger your vehicle needs to be. You’ll certainly need help with bulky items from a friend. Please note, dumping sites are not open to the public at all times. Check their opening hours first. They might also not take all items of your junk. 

It’s pretty much the same with donation items. Although there are many charities that welcome your donations, they have guidelines as to what to take and which conditions items have to be in. 

Thus, the DIY way can turn into an even more stressful and demanding effort in the end.

Consider the path of the least resistance

Usually, choosing the path with the least resistance is not advisable. You can learn something with every challenge in your life. The easier you make it for yourself, the less you’ll learn. That’s not the case with junk removal though.

With the help of professional services, you’ll turn your effort into a literal breeze. You don’t have to spend as much time decluttering or wondering where you can dispose of which item. If it’s a lot you’re letting go of, you’ll eventually have to give them a ring for a collection anyway.

Just point and it’ll magically disappear

Have you ever wanted to point at an object and wanted it to disappear into thin air? With junk removal services it’s absolutely possible. The team can come into your home and you’ll just have to tell them what to remove. They also clear entire homes and you won’t even have to be present while they’re at work.

No heavy lifting

Professional services are trained and well experienced at removing bulky, heavy, and even hazardous items. Thousands of people end up in the ER every year because they injured themself at liting heavy items or worse.

Collect estimates

To find the best service that works for you, make inquiries and get a quote for several junk removal companies in your area. Make sure the quote contains all costs, such as disposal fees, labor, insurance, and traveling fees. Estimates are always free and help you to find the best service at the best price. 

Note: Don’t consider estimates of those services that take their precious time to get back to you. They’d most likely be unreliable. Please also make sure to choose a fully licensed company that’s got damages and injuries covered.

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