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You are welcome to contribute to this platform as a writer. You can write for us about anything you want. A vibrant community of users seeks startup stories, articles, and news on our site. That’s a great idea, isn’t it? Exactly! Everyone’s dream is to reach an audience of that caliber and size.

This is why we are offering a unique platform for writers to share their stories and get wide visibility. Our esteemed homepage offers competitive rates for contributing your valuable content. We do not compromise on Quality for Quantity. Quality is our number one priority. You can get that idea if you write for us on TechnoWhy. 

Topics We Cover:

Digital Marketing Case Studies;

The case studies we curate for our audience function as digital marketing case studies with clear insights that can be applied to their business.


Using our company with other tools to streamline operations and improve performance, we provide integration articles for people to learn how to be more productive and effective. Write for us, and let us help you in integrating your articles and ideas.

Other Topics

●     Online Inventions

●     Small Businesses

●     Start-up Learning

●     Digital Advertisement

●     Blogs

●     Mail Marketing

●     Reputation Managing

●     Marketing

●     SEO Services

Dear Guest Blogger,

  TechnoWhy is excited to hear from you and read your guest post request.

   However, please do not send us any requests without reading our very particular guidelines because we would reject requests that do not adhere to our guidelines. You should write for us according to our simple and understandable guidelines.


Our approval process is tedious and we receive a lot of requests. It is requested that you be patient with us because we take 5-15 working days to respond.

If you write for us and wanna get fast publication, you can get help on TechnoWhy with our “Sponsored Guest Post” option. Unlike regular guest posts, sponsored stories get published within 1-2 business days. But to be considered for this option, your story must still meet our guest post guidelines, and it would need approval from our editors.

  If you have a tip, how-to article, trend, or listicle about digital marketing that you want to share with our audience, please write for us specifically or contact us. If you want to write a professional opinion about anything related to the digital marketing industry, we’re looking for contributors too. So please, write for us and do email.

Guest Post Guidelines:

   Before you write for us or submit any content, please read over these guidelines of TechnoWhy:

●     We only accept articles that are free of grammatical or language errors.

●     Your story should be informative, interactive, and interesting. Whether we’re honoring our users’ skills or keeping them in the know, every blog post on our website aims to provide our followers with valuable information.

●     Please avoid bulky and wordy sentences in your articles.

●     Your articles should contain images, headings and highlighted content.

●     Your articles should be 800- 2000 words.

●     Please provide the source of your statistics, images, and quotes in your story. For any content published on our site, we need to know where you found it.

●     We don’t allow promotional links in our articles. You can link relevant, informative articles in your bio, though.

Suppose Your Story Is Picked Up For Publication?

1. Our editors review your story if it is selected. We send back the document if any adjustments need to be made.

2. This article may be edited, or its title may be changed.

3. By citing ResultFirst as the original publisher of the story, the author is allowed to republish the story elsewhere.

4. If we republish the story, it will be credited to the author on any social channel.

5. We do not pay for guest articles.

Submission Procedure:

   It is important that everyone follows our guidelines carefully and follows our submission process, so our audience has access to the best available expert content. If you fail to do so, your application will be automatically rejected, and you will not hear back from us.

●     Read Editor Guidelines

Before you submit your outlines or articles, make sure they adhere to our guidelines.

●     Send your pitch or article to:

Submitted articles or pitches can be submitted below via the form. In your bio section, you will provide all the information you have provided.

●     Selection:

Our selection criteria will be reviewed for each submission, and a response will be provided within 14 business days. Remember, we are only interested in content that adheres to our guidelines.

Your submission will be reviewed, and our editorial team will contact you to confirm the accuracy of any information, images, links, sources, etc. If your submission was rejected, it usually means it is owed to our editorial guidelines or doesn’t fit our audience. Rejection cannot be appealed, or individualized feedback is not offered. However, you may submit a new guest post for consideration.

●     Editor Review:

The editorial staff will make final edits to your article when you have completed all requirements, and all changes have been made. Once the final version of the article has been approved, it will be published.

●     Promotion

Once the article has been published on our blog, you will receive a URL. In addition to promoting certain articles through our channels, we also encourage distributing the article to your audience and participating in the comments.

Our Non-Publications

●     Too much Promotion

Guest posting is the ideal way for you to show your readers your expertise and knowledge in the field. Platforms like these do not tend to promote products, services, or companies.  The purpose of our site is to provide our readers with stories of successful startups, tips, and advice on how to start and run them.

●     Already published Content

The articles we publish on our website cannot already be found elsewhere on the Internet. Moreover, you made some modifications to it as well. Original and unique submissions are only accepted.

●     Copied Content

Content copied from other websites or plagiarized from our website is not acceptable. Your account could be permanently deactivated and banned if you violate our policies.

Editorial Inquiries.

Email: TechnoWhy{@}Gmail.com