Fax Service for Windows 10 Review 2021

Fax service for Windows 10 is not a familiar term. Most of us know that sending a fax requires a fax machine. However, in this era, there are countless services that can send or receive faxes. One of these ways is using a Windows 10 computer. 

Sending fax, the old way, through a fax machine is costly and slow. You need ink, paper, the fax machine, and maintenance. Unfortunately, all the files sent and received are in hard copies making organization and access of those files a pain in the neck. 

On the other hand, faxing through Windows 10 is simple and efficient. You can send and receive secure and encrypted faxes from anywhere, instantly. No more phone charges and maintenance costs. Once the fax is sent or received, it’s saved digitally for easy future reference.

Once you learn more about how to Fax from Windows 10 and understand why it stands out from the old method.

Part 1: How to Fax from Windows 10

Due to the limitation of Windows 10 default faxing services, a third-party service comes to the rescue. The online fax service tool provides an easy and straightforward process of sending a fax through Windows 10. Let’s look at the most trusted Windows 10 Fax Service.

CocoFax- Windows 10 Online Fax Best Friend

CocoFax is an innovative online Fax service solution that takes advantage of Windows 10 technology and integrates it with the old school fax machine. It employs a simple concept that any person with a Fax number can send or receive a fax. 

In order to send a Fax using CocoFax through Windows 10, the requirements are:

  • A Laptop or a Computer running Windows 10 with reliable internet access
  • An installed web browser on the computer system. 
  • A CocoFax account along with a fax number. 

And that is all, and there is nothing else required. If you still don’t believe us, let us give you a quick idea about why CocoFax is being praised by users globally.

1.2 The Straightforward Way of Sending Fax from Windows 10 Using CocoFax

CocoFax offers a straightforward way to use Fax on Windows 10 in a matter of minutes. The steps involved include: 

Step 1:  Get a CocoFax account and enjoy a free 30-day trial before you purchase a subscription plan.

Step 2: Enter the Fax address of the receiver, in the ‘To’ field and check again to confirm. Upload the document that you wish to Fax. The document can  be of any file format depending on your requirement.

Step 3: Once you do, hit on the send button. Once the Fax is received, CocoFax will confirm it to you with a successful transmission message. If the Fax were not successful, CocoFax would let you know that as well.

The most possible reason for unsuccessful fax transmission is providing an incorrect recipient’s fax number, or the Fax machine is already busy. Technically speaking, CocoFax is entirely free of errors.

Receiving Fax with CocoFax doesn’t involve many steps. You have to log in to your CocoFax account and access the dashboard. Click on the ‘Inbox’ tab to check all received faxes.

1.3: Send Fax Through Email on Windows 10 With CocoFax

With the help of CocoFax, now you can send a Fax to any person just through your email, be it Gmail or Yahoo mail, or any other mailing client.

Step 1: First things first, use your activated email ID to register with CocoFax. To be eligible to use email to Fax service when your  email ID should be registered with CocoFax.

Step 2: Once done, click the To’ field where you generally enter the email ID of the receiver and add the recipient’s country code, their fax number, and follow it by ‘’. For example,

Step 3: In the email body, you can add  a cover letter for your Fax if you wish to write one. The actual Fax document will have to be added as an attachment with your email, in any format, including pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

Step 4: Click on ‘Send,’ and once CocoFax receives  this email, it’ll  translate it to a Fax readable document.

1.4: Sending Fax from Windows 10 Using Fax and Scan

If using a third party Fax service is not an option for you, Windows 10 comes with their own preinstalled ‘Fax and Scan’ feature. However, using it comes with specific requirements, namely: a Fam Modem and telephone lines.

Fam Modem is the hardware that connects your computer and the telephone lines, allowing the transmission of fax in an electronic form. To transmit that Fax to the recipient’s Fax machine, you’ll also need a telephone line. If you have these requirements, just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Windows Fax and Scan application and click on an icon that says ‘New Fax’ on the menu bar. 

Step 2: The New Fax popup is the same as writing an email. Input the receiver’s full fax number in the ‘To’ field.

Step 3: Hit the ‘Send’ button present on the top of the menu bar. Once the receiver receives the Fax, you’ll get a confirmation. You will also get the timings for the attempt to send the Fax, in case the Fax isn’t received by then.

Final thoughts

Fax services for Windows 10 are a lot easier than using an actual fax machine. However, CocoFax services provide a more comfortable approach to faxing than Windows 10 Fax and Scan.

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