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Steel Series the Arctis 7 & Pro Gaming Headphones Reviews

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Are you looking for the Right Arctis gaming headset and can’t decide which one to choose? Then, we at Head Phone Critics are here to help you out with the research and analysis in which we are going to talk about all the features, pricing, quality of The Arctis series.  In this article, we touch on the pros and cons of each Arctis 7 & pro Gaming Headphone. Both of the headsets are available with a long line, Discord-certified mic, long battery life, and wireless functionality. But you might find it difficult to choose among the features of great sound, its Comfortable fit, and the pricing of these. Thus, clear your all doubts with our wireless Bluetooth headphones reviews. The Arctis 7 and Arctis pro are both high-quality gaming headphones with a longer shelf life and made of high quality. So, if you are willing to know the detailed differentiation between Arctis 7 or Arctis Pro then we at Headphone Critics are here with the detailed reviews and analysis.

Key Features of the Steel series Arctis 7 Headphones

The Steel series Arctis 7 is the most selling headphones n 2021. People are willing to buy it because of its high sound quality and longer battery life. Other than this listed are the key features for choosing the Arctis 7 Headphones: 

Sound Quality of Arctis 7 Headphones

The Arctis 7 Headphones offer the premium sound quality feature whose frequency range between 20-20,000 hertz.  It handles the music sound distribution well so that it adds a bonus for most gamers. Also, it is a next-generation DTS Headphone with X v2.0 surround sound.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality of the Steel series Arctic 7 is average in terms of audio quality. It’s retractable and considered the Best mic in gaming with the Discord-certified Clear Cast bidirectional microphone. Arctis 7 sound quality is ranked 7 in terms of noise handling. 

Battery Life

This headset has a solid battery performance with a 24-hour battery life which is Best for multiple gaming sessions. It doesn’t design for the swappable battery. Arctis 7 has a rechargeable battery feature with a long-life battery guaranteed.

Key Features of the Steel Series Arctis 7 Pro Headphones

The Arctis Pro Wireless Headphones have more connectivity options as they support Bluetooth. Along with the wireless transmitter and charging station facility, these headphones are lightweight aluminum alloy and steel constructed. 

Sound Quality

There won’t be much of a noticeable difference between the sound quality of Steel series Arctis 7 and the Steel series Arctis Pro wireless gaming headset. But whereas the frequency ranges of Arctis 7 Pro Headphones is 10 – 40,000 Hz which results in better bass response.

Mic Quality

The mic quality of the Arctis Pro is much better than 7. With noise reduction and noise cancellation, it is the customer’s first choice headphones series. Also, these have Clear Cast, the best mic in gaming feature with the best quality audio mic frequency response.

Wired & Wireless Headset Connection Options

Arctis Pro launched with the dual feature of wired and wireless headset connection options. It is available at less cost compared to other handsets at this range. With the long-lasting battery life, it has premium options for control things like volume, mix, EQ, and other settings as well.

Which Headphones you should Buy The Steel series Arctis 7 or Pro?

Comparing The Steel Series 7 or Pro the gaming headsets may seem similar enough. But actually, they are quite different. Several factors effects when we compare two headphones and these make people often confuse about choosing from one of these two. As we mentioned above both of them Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro are of good quality. Therefore, the type of gamer you are complete lets you choose between these handsets.  Compare price, sound quality, battery life, durability, and other similar features and make your decision. Because spending the extra money for the Pro is not worth it if you are don’t need these extra features for gaming. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have got the right information that you are looking for. Choosing between these two Arctis 7 & pro is not that much difficult. You just need to know your requirements for gaming and then can make the buying decision very easily. For more information and details get in contact with us at Headphonecritics and get to know the right headphones for you. 

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