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How To Make Your Marketing Team More Productive Using eSignatures?

Using electronic signatures is a great way to execute business contracts and agreements effectively. Furthermore, as a business owner, you can track your documents and store them in an organized manner. Electronic signatures are beneficial for different business sectors. There are a plethora of ways in which your marketing team can productively benefit from using e-signatures including:  

Invoice approvals and processing

Electronic signatures enable information to be appropriately collected, especially when handling customer invoices. There is reduced error because invoice data is directly transferred into the billing system, which also fastens the billing process. Moreover, electronic signatures ensure quick, accurate, and digital processing of incoming invoices by removing paper and manual data entry is slow and prone to errors. Using electronic signatures for invoice approvals automates and streamlines the workflow and document management process. The verification feature of electronic signatures will protect you as a business owner from numerous fraud schemes, especially when it comes to online transactions. Encryption technology will provide accuracy of the invoices because all documents are thoroughly and digitally processed. Using electronic signatures when handling invoices is a great marketing strategy as it helps build trust between your business and clients.

Customer communication approvals

Before executing a contract, there needs to be approval. Prior to submitting an agreement for approval, the contract administrator must develop approval policies.  It is only after the contract has received approval from the customer does it become active.  An electronic signature solution provider ensures that contracts are signed in time without delays. Your marketing team can use electronic signatures to firmware your contract’s layout to best suit your marketing plan.

Marketing and photo release forms

There is simply no time to deal with paperwork when it comes to creating works of art. Any business that is marketing using photographic ads can benefit from using electronic signatures when customizing and embedding specific images onto the business website. Additionally, you can collect signatures from the original photography subjects, helping customize your brand and attract new customers.

Employee social media policy distribution

Business policies are usually communicated by employees in document form, for example, through handbooks. Distributing print versions of employee policy handbooks can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Electronic versions provide faster access, and referencing information is easy. For business owners, it is simpler to make updates that will reach employees faster than handwritten updates, which are less reliable.

Document retention policy

Decluttering your office space is a crucial part of cleaning up your mind and staying focused. Document retention policy involves setting a specific period within which documents are retained in a system. Most electronic signature software enables document retention, after which the system automatically purges and destroys the form. This feature of e-signature is great for a marketing team with a busy schedule or generally busy periods. Your team will not have to bear with maintaining a mountain of paperwork, ensuring seamless workflow and organized space.

Event registration

When organizing any event, there is plenty of paperwork required. Invoices, event contracts, booking forms, and quotes all require creating and sending to clients. Marketing teams can make use of electronic signatures to greatly decrease turn-around time. It is easier to access necessary event documents electronically, and customers are better able to track updates and any last-minute event changes. Moreover, cutting down on paperwork will ensure that space is freed up in the office because there will be no need for handwritten signatures. There are greater communication links between your business and customers because everything is digitalized.

Press release approval

Media assets such as press release sign-offs are quickly approved when marketing departments embrace electronic signature platforms’ reliability. Your marketing team will also better track all important documents ensuring high-security levels so that none is lost- because forms and contracts are all managed in a centralized location. Storing documents in one place ensures easy access, which brings convenience, especially when the source is portable, for example, a mobile device. There are various ways your marketing team can increase productivity by incorporating electronic signatures in daily business activities. Find out more about how you can automate marketing contracts today by incorporating electronic signatures when handling business agreements.

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