4 Ways to Maximise Your Ad Spend

Every single major business and brand has notable reasons to spend money efficiently in today’s tough economic climate. Between a pandemic that threatens the overall economic health of life to various threats from competitors on a global scale, more than ever, companies and brands have to invest efficiently.

Digital marketing is no exception. Ultimately, ensuring each ad budget is deployed with optimal performance requires careful analysis and consideration. Being able to get the most out of ad spend can determine the overall success or failure of many digital marketing efforts.

Below are four key ways in which brands can effectively maximize ad spend.

Utilize Geotargeting

Ensuring that an audience is being reached efficiently is a major key to maximizing ad spend. Through the use of geotargeting, smaller brands and businesses, in particular, can drastically increase the effectiveness of their spending, taking an otherwise minimal investment and ensuring a substantially-improved outcome.

Even with various relevant audiences potentially scattered on a global scale, the likelihood of specific campaigns being ideal for an international audience is minimal. Geotargeting ensures that ads target only the local audiences desired. Whether by radius, postcode, or region, geotargeting serves an important purpose in maximizing ad spend (click here to learn about practical geotargeting tips).

Calculate ROAS

The concept of ROAS calculation is a difficult discussion for many. Increasingly, using the metric of ROI simply makes no sense: ROAS calculation underscores the true cost of doing business in the world of digital marketing for a brand.

Return on ad spend helps ultimately identify whether or not a campaign is generating profit. Various ad sets and campaigns that are failing to generate an advantage could be draining a brand’s broader marketing budget, resulting in less overall reach. 

Not only can ROAS be affected by messaging and overall ad quality, but it can be affected by competitors. Companies such as ClickGUARD specialize in monitoring and reducing the instance of PPC click fraud, helping to ensure that ads deployed through services such as Google Ads run smoothly. Given that millions of potential impressions are lost every year due to click fraud, companies such as ClickGUARD provide a vital service.

Ad Spend

Optimize Ads for Mobile

A majority of individuals who will likely encounter a brand’s online presence will first do so through mobile. Whether by exploring social media posts or using search engines to collect cursory information, a brand’s online ad strategy can often be successful – or derailed – based on how mobile users perceive it.

To ensure optimal performance and maximum ad spend overall, optimizing ads for mobile audiences will ensure that campaigns aren’t slamming audiences with poorly-displayed results. Mobile users need specialized landing pages to ensure ROAS is ideal; optimizing ad sets to account for this is crucial.

Embrace Genuine Messaging

Many brands attempt to be deceptive in regards to hiding their true intentions from audiences. Whether through the use of crafty ad copy or misleading landing pages, this is actually tiring for the consumer. In response, audiences are becoming increasingly hostile to ads

Brands that use genuine messaging to target audiences can ultimately ensure that more people who click on their ads find them relevant and engage with them. This in effect increases ad spend substantially, making it possible to reach more people over time. 

Without efficient ad spends, brands have little to no chance of optimizing long-term digital marketing performance. With these four broader tips, companies and organizations alike can more effectively ensure their ad spend is increased – whether through direct or indirect methods.

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